Monday, August 30, 2010

My Interests

My interest is an online computer game,Grand Fisher. This game is about fishing. I can choose male or female character and create my name in the game. I can change many hair styles of the character before playing the game. I have to improve my exprience and my money by fishing. There are many kinds of fish and places for fishing. The difficulty of catching depends on fish level. If I catch a high level fish, I will get a lot of exprience. The game also has some equipments for fishing such as fish hooks, reels and fishing clothes. Moreover,I can add some friends in the game and chat with them. We can sell or buy all of the items in the game if we want to.This online computer game helps me relax and I have a lot of new friends on the internet.

My Diary

I got a big problem last week when I was doing my home work on the internet. It happened on Sunday mid night. It was about 2 hours after I opened the computer and I was finishing my work. Suddenly, I heard a loud sound like '' Bang"and I smelled something burned. The monitor became dark. I was shocked for 10 secounds. I didn't save my work. It was my sister's computer and she is going to kill me. Next day, I woke up early and brought the computer to a computer shop for repair. I lost a lot of money but my sister never knew it. Now I always save my work during working and I will never use her computer! I don't want to pay a lot of money again!

My Dream Vacation

If I have a lot free time, I will travel around my country, Thailand. I think all parts of the country have many good attractions. We have a lot of great waterfalls in the northern part, beautiful beaches in the southern part, and we also have a big river,Kong River, in the eastern part. I don't have to go abroad for vacation. I think my country has everything I want. Traveling in the country makes economic good and at the same time I'm helping my country's economy. I'm not only relaxing on my vacation but also I'm helping my country.