Sunday, October 3, 2010


Delight, persuade
Seeing, outstanding,
Inside my heart
and your
Get more knowledge
Four years for practice
Make friends and going out
Has life
No long living
But goodness still remained

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Short Sad Story

Once upon a time, there was a poor family in a small village. They had a small farm, which was the dry place and hard for growing. A patient boy, Manny, worked at the farm every day after class. His parents divorced each other. He had to live with his grandparents. He loved studying and enjoyed every class. Everyone loved him because he was very diligent and studied well. He got the highest point every semester. One night, when he was going to bed, he heard his grandparents talked about his future. "I really like him. I think we should stop his education. Manny is a good worker. He is a young boy. He can look after our farm. High school is very expensive for us. I will tell him tomorrow." After that day, he went to school with a poor mind. Although he felt sad, he made a good grade that semester. Several months later, it was a first open semester day. When he was going to the farm, he saw a group of student dressed the high school uniform. They asked him a question.
"Why don't you go to school today?" He didn't answer and walked away. With a weakness heart, he decided to leave his home to the big city. He wasn't angry his grandparents at all. He wanted to find his own way and get a better life.
20 years later, Manny became adult. He came back to the village and he hoped that he want to say sorry to his grandparents. When he arrived, he found that everything was changed in the hometown. Everyone couldn't remember him. The small farm and the house yard became a big road. There were a lot of modern buildings in the village. Manny decided to go to the header of villager's house and asked for his grandparents. The header told him the answer.
"A few weeks after their grandchild left them, they decided to sell the farm and the house. They wanted some money to go to the city to find him. They never come back here. Everyone didn’t get any news about them after they gone.”

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Interests

My interest is an online computer game,Grand Fisher. This game is about fishing. I can choose male or female character and create my name in the game. I can change many hair styles of the character before playing the game. I have to improve my exprience and my money by fishing. There are many kinds of fish and places for fishing. The difficulty of catching depends on fish level. If I catch a high level fish, I will get a lot of exprience. The game also has some equipments for fishing such as fish hooks, reels and fishing clothes. Moreover,I can add some friends in the game and chat with them. We can sell or buy all of the items in the game if we want to.This online computer game helps me relax and I have a lot of new friends on the internet.

My Diary

I got a big problem last week when I was doing my home work on the internet. It happened on Sunday mid night. It was about 2 hours after I opened the computer and I was finishing my work. Suddenly, I heard a loud sound like '' Bang"and I smelled something burned. The monitor became dark. I was shocked for 10 secounds. I didn't save my work. It was my sister's computer and she is going to kill me. Next day, I woke up early and brought the computer to a computer shop for repair. I lost a lot of money but my sister never knew it. Now I always save my work during working and I will never use her computer! I don't want to pay a lot of money again!

My Dream Vacation

If I have a lot free time, I will travel around my country, Thailand. I think all parts of the country have many good attractions. We have a lot of great waterfalls in the northern part, beautiful beaches in the southern part, and we also have a big river,Kong River, in the eastern part. I don't have to go abroad for vacation. I think my country has everything I want. Traveling in the country makes economic good and at the same time I'm helping my country's economy. I'm not only relaxing on my vacation but also I'm helping my country.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Movie review

The Painist is a 2002 movie. It is a story about a famous Polish-Jew painist with the bad situation of world war 2. When Poland is captured by German soilder, a lot of people including his family are killed. Wladyslaw Szpilman, the famous painist have to survive. He hides in a broken house and had no food. He does everything to survive. The war goes on out side the building. Szpilman has to move to another place for food. In the new place, a big broken house with a small paino, he hides in a small room under the roof. He hears someone play the paino everynight. One night, he is very hungry and goes out from his hiding place. When he tries to open a food can, a strage man appears. He is a captain of the German troofs, Wilm Hosenfeld, who plays the piano in this house every night.
Hosenfeld discovers that Szpillman was a famous painist. He asks him to play a song. The song makes Hosenfeld sad. After that night, the captain gives some food to Szpilman everyday.
At the end of the war, German troofs are defeated. Hosenfeld is arrested in a German prisoner camp of war. He tries to connect Szpilman to help him but it is too late. He moves to another camp. Szpilman tries to find him but he can't. Hosenfeld died in the prisoner camp of war in 1952 . Szpilman came back to his home and played paino for Warsar radio station.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

About myself

Hi, My name is Arnon Tpaang. I'm a fourth year student at Chandrasem Rajabhat University.
My home town is Nan, a small province in the northern part of Thailand. I lived in Nan untill I was 18. Then I moved to Bangkok for higher education. Now I live in a small flat behind the Univesity, which is about 3 minutes from CRU by walk. I am realy interested in FIFA world cup 2010. I watched every football match last week. It was very excited when I saw my favorite football team won the game. I realy love Germany because there are many good football players in their team. I also enjoy about listening to music , shopping, and going out with my friends.
My dream job is to be a businessman because I want to make a lot of money. If I won a million baht I would help my family and travel around the world.