Sunday, September 19, 2010

Short Sad Story

Once upon a time, there was a poor family in a small village. They had a small farm, which was the dry place and hard for growing. A patient boy, Manny, worked at the farm every day after class. His parents divorced each other. He had to live with his grandparents. He loved studying and enjoyed every class. Everyone loved him because he was very diligent and studied well. He got the highest point every semester. One night, when he was going to bed, he heard his grandparents talked about his future. "I really like him. I think we should stop his education. Manny is a good worker. He is a young boy. He can look after our farm. High school is very expensive for us. I will tell him tomorrow." After that day, he went to school with a poor mind. Although he felt sad, he made a good grade that semester. Several months later, it was a first open semester day. When he was going to the farm, he saw a group of student dressed the high school uniform. They asked him a question.
"Why don't you go to school today?" He didn't answer and walked away. With a weakness heart, he decided to leave his home to the big city. He wasn't angry his grandparents at all. He wanted to find his own way and get a better life.
20 years later, Manny became adult. He came back to the village and he hoped that he want to say sorry to his grandparents. When he arrived, he found that everything was changed in the hometown. Everyone couldn't remember him. The small farm and the house yard became a big road. There were a lot of modern buildings in the village. Manny decided to go to the header of villager's house and asked for his grandparents. The header told him the answer.
"A few weeks after their grandchild left them, they decided to sell the farm and the house. They wanted some money to go to the city to find him. They never come back here. Everyone didn’t get any news about them after they gone.”

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